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Separate section for Repaints needed?

Wm. McGowan

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I frequently like to browse the download section for new airplanes I may like to add to my "hangar." It is very time consuming to sort thru all the files to weed out the many files that turn out to be "textures only" or "repaints of thr payware model". Wouldn"t it be more organized to have those files in a category of their own...in other words a category for full models and a seperate one for repaints?

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We used to get this question all the time, but resolved it years ago with the addition of icons next to each file description that indicates if an aircraft is complete (model included). The original base model that repaints use is additionally marked with its own separate icon. Any aircraft marked with no icons at all is textures only.


If you use our advanced search you can include these icons as part of your search criteria.

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