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Aircraft using custom Luas rather than standard FSX variables


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Hi - I'm new here. I only just discovered your software. I currently use Panel Builder but I watched the video and read the information on making your own gauges and that looks a really useful tool to get closer to the variety of aircraft I fly. To help me decide whether to buy your software I wondered if it is possible to create gauges that will read the appropriate lua in non default aircraft? For example when I got the A2A C172 I had to adjust Panel Builder so it read the A2A Lua for rpm (L:Eng1_RPM) rather than the default FSX RPM. I did that using a short lua program as follows:


while 1 do

 Eng_RPM = ipc.readLvar("L:Eng1_RPM")

 ipc.writeDBL(0X66CA, Eng_RPM)




Is it possible to do something similar with your software. Thanks


Rich Cooke

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Hi Rich,



Air Manager right now can connect to FSX using SimConnect.

LVars would make a nice addition, since allot of data can only be fetched using LVars.


I time, we will surely implement this, although I cannot say anything sensible (yet) on when that will be. Sorry :) Our first focus right now is finishing up AM 2.1, and creating an iPad application.

When I know more, I will surely post something on this forum.



Kind regards,



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