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United B727 repaint


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Don't know what you are looking for exactly but AVSIM has this......


This is a repaint of the Captain Sim 727-200 in United Airlines Battleship Grey Livery.





Filename: cs722_ual_n7256u.zip

License: Freeware

Added: 5th September 2012, 11:19:57

Downloads: 466

Author: David Hallyburton, Captain Sim

Size: 900kb

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As far as the 737 goes, I am intimately familiar with it. My father flew them during that period. Called them Mini-pigs. One of his all time favorite aircraft, after the DC-8-63. I have ridden in them, preflighted them, with my father of course, even attended semi-annual training with him in Des Moins on them. I even made a model of it to hang on our family room ceiling, along with the other birds he flew for UAL. I know that bird! I had a poster of a compressed view of the entire cockpit in panoramic format.

Cold I paint one, or do I know of one? No, I just wanted to mention I know the paint scheme, is all :D



Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!

Sgt, USMC, 10 years proud service, Inactive reserve now :D

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Look in the library above and check out tr727-12_ual.zip

Size: 30,488,353 Date: 08-11-2011 Downloads: 1,129


I don't think that file has the livery he is looking for. I notice they have three

versions, an "early 70's, and two "late 70's". But I consider the "early 70's" more

of an early mid 70's, than early 70's. The livery that was used in the mid to late

60's, and through the early 70's was white with red and blue stripes down the side,

and a single blue and red stripe running up the vert stab with United in between the

blue bottom of the stripe, and the upper red part of the stripe. In the 60's they used

a straight side font for "United" kind of like what they use now. In the early 70's, the

"United" was in a bit fancier font with a curl before the "U".


The liveries in that package are the United "Fan" liveries. Or at least I think that is

what they called them.

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Thanks, MBKHOU but as one poster replied the initial request was vague...and I just wanted to help but I don't even fly the 727 anymore as once it was my favorite plane....Now, I am big jets with FMC all the way.... LOL al v


No problem.. I just happened to check out the file to see if indeed it was the old

late 60's paint, but found that it wasn't. But that paint scheme wouldn't be that

hard to do if one felt compelled..

I used to fly a few 727's, and also the 732's on past sim versions. The cockpit

for those two is quite similar, except one less engine in the 732.

The first plane I ever flew in was a Braniff 727 back in 1969. Went from KMKC to KOKC,

and then to the brand new KIAH.

I remember the pilot landed so smooth at KIAH you couldn't even feel the touchdown.

He went from flying, to rolling on the main gear with no sensation of a bump at all..

Real greaser..

Now days, they frown on overally greasy landings as the new fangled jets used the

gear/strut sensors to kick off the spoilers when you touch down. :rolleyes:

Most 737 NG landings in particular are not very smooth compared to the old days

when they tried to land as greasy as possible.

I'm pretty much a 737NG buoy the last few years. I still haven't bought the 777 yet..

I prefer the shorter hops, and the shorter runways I can get into with the smaller plane.

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