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just some randoms


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Very nice randomness.


Such a shame that the FAA is gonna take that new Piper away from you, and you just got it.


How do you like it, BTW?



the Bean

WWOD---What Would Opa Do? Farewell, my freind (sp)


Never argue with idiots.

They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience

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Phil, good seeing new shots from yah man! Keep up the awesome job. I now have some competition! :)



Checkout my new Facebook Page!


HP Z820 Workstation Intel Xeon 3.30ghz 8 Core Processor 2TB Hard Drive 16 gig of Ram 1125 Power Supply and 2 Gig Nvidia Geforce GTX 970. (YIPPPIE!!!!!)

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Wow, I love the F9F! And you threw in an Air Farce P-80 for good measure!


Forwarding your address to the FAA for buzzing the beach.... :p





"Remember, All you have to do is ask."


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