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VRInsight ProPit panel


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I bought one used a few weeks ago,got it to work with the supported 172, but that's not one of my favorite aircraft. I prefer the twin otter or if it a single the the beaver. I'm looking for the support forum for the thing. I've asked in an email to support but I never got a reply. Originally I figure I could build a panel to show under the mask and the assign functions to the switches and knobs thru FSUIPC or Linda but now I'm not sure that would work. If I build a panel it will show behind the mask no problem but I've not gotten the switches and knobs to work at all it seems. At first I didn't load the ftp2seiral program but I later did still no joy with the controls on the ProPit. I looked at the 172 panel cfg file and it is where the code for the ProPit lies so learn the modifications it made and make them to the desired AC cfg file but how to add the AC to the supported list in the ProPit app? I'm sure I'm not the only one who has this item and want to use different AC with it, if there's not a good way to do it then I understand why they are not well used and thusly supported by third party vendors like most things in fsx. The cost is a little prohibited but not being able to use with a plane other than a 172 is no insane but plain stupid on the developers. If I have to I'll set it up with the gauges I desire behind the mask and forget about its controls and built my own but that isn't the correct way to do this.
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