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I cannot get Voice Command to work with FSFS . I have been in the forum with FSFS support, and they have tried to help with this issue. However, they could not resolve the problem. Can not figure out why Voice Command is not working for me when it so obviously works on so many other systems . I just hate to give up, because I would really like to have this work.


Therefore I'm hoping that maybe someone on the forums may have experienced this problem, and found out some reason why it does working for them, and what solution they may have found.


Here is what I'm running:


OS: Win 7 Home Premium 64 Bit.

FSFS version – latest.

FSX Version: All updates


I have Microsoft's voice recognition, and it functions normally with other FSX like Its your plane, Aox-ATC or Notepad. So speech recognition is working.


Anyone have any ideas?


Many thanks.



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