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Ac16 hkg-yyz

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Hello simmers!


Then it was time for a return flight from Hong Kong to Toronto. I'll be quick.

The route takes us northeast today and over Japan, and so over the bering sea then over Alaska / Yukon and across Canada down to Toronto.

We are now ready for 14hrs and 20mins in air.


So let's get started

Our total weight today is 312 tons so we are quite heavy, but the machine could do some heavier lift;)



Push & Start from stand 64. A quite nice evening in Hong Kong.



Some hours into the trip, the moon has raised to life and I suppose the big star is rising soon also.



The star is alive!





Here we have the famous bering sea. Maybe these Deadliest Catch boys are working hard down there:rolleyes:



It's always a pleasure to see T/D after many hours in flight deck.. My bed is waiting.



The evening is catching up again. Snapped this pic right before i was vectored to RW24R, it was some crosswind on 31012KT



Job done! Deboarding passengers and cargo, we did it on 14 hrs 18 mins. 2 minutes before scheduled which is quite spot on. Air Canada would like to says thanks for this time.


MAXIMUS VII HERO, i7-4790K@4.90GHz, GTX980 STRIX PhysX 4GB OC 1500MHz, Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 2400MHz 16GB, 2x Kingston HyperX 3K SSD 240GB, Corsair AX 1200i, 1200W

Corsair Obsidian 750D, Costom WaterLoop CPU+GPU, Projector & Canvas.

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