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A new build but questions persist.

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Good morning, I has been over a year (at least) since I decided to get a new and decent system for FSX and P3D. Anything would be better than the Dell XPS 8500 I had where my frame rates hovered around 5-8 FPS.

So, after dealing with health and work related delays, I brought my new system home on Saturday from the shop here that put everything together for me. I bought all the parts mainly going on advice from fellow simmers here at Flightsim.

Here are the specs:

Windows 7 Pro

Intel i7 4790k@4.00GHz

16gb RAM

Nvidia EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4gb

Asus Z97 Pro 6gb

WD black series wd1003fzex 1TB Hard drive

Coesair RM series RM850 Gold cert. Power supply

Samsung 840 EVO MZ-7TE500BW 500gb SSD


My frame rates are vastly improved flying either the PMDG 737 / 777, or Carenado Hawker in FSX or P3D, now I get around between 30 to 60 FPS around areas with photoreal sceneries and addon airports already installed. I still have not installed AI traffic, REX, ActiveSky or most addons.

At this point I have developed two areas of concern:

1.- I have both FSX and P3D installed on C where the SSD resides, and already with just a fraction of my addons installed the SSD drive is half full while the data drive sits empty. Can I do something differently?

2.- While the smoothness of my flying experience is vastly superior, I have noticed something odd as follows: with my old system, my photoreal sceneries (self made mostly LOD17) looked very crisp in FSX. Now, it looks blurry in some areas and it stays blurry. Am i doing something wrong here as well?


Any help, advice or comment on my system would be greatly appreciated, truly. It took me over a year to put together due to medical expenses (even with health insurance:mad:), so I would like to make sure that I am taking the right steps in building up this new rig. Thanks!!!


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Hi, I built a simular system 2.5 yrs. ago. However, I have 4 hard drives. @ SSDs , 1 Velorapter 10,000RPM and a WD 750GB HDD. The 250 GB SSD only has The OS win 7 64 Bit and all of MS spoftware. The 3)) GB velorapter has only FSX and the other SSD is used for my one game COD. and Train Sim 2015 using Steam. The 750 HDD is used for storage of Pics and other files. If you use the SSD, as I do I use file name D:Flightsimulator X. No 86 crap.


If you do not have room for the 4th drive, at least put the OS separate from your FSX.



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