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Hawk mayhem?


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More birds. Did KDEN to KJAC in the 600.. Plenty of wx mayhem on both ends.. :mad:

But as in the approach to Corpus, I again saw more birds on approach to Jackson Hole.

Looked like Hawks. I guess.. Don't really look like eagles. And they were gliding around

like hawks would. At least four of them, maybe five. You might have to watch 720p/

full screen to get a decent look at them.

Other than that the video is kinda boring.. I had a phone call when I was rendering it,

and it got stuck on the same view for a while a couple of times. :rolleyes:

And after seeing the birds again when rendering, I forgot to reset the speed at one place

to match what I flew.. So you'll notice I just went from flaps 5 speed tape to Vref+5

in one shot, passing over the flaps 15 setting at gear down.

Fsrecorder doesn't do too well at recording the airplane systems, so a lot of functions

aren't recorded as flown. And I was too lazy to do another render.



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