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4th Monitor Problems

Guest nickduncs84

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Guest nickduncs84

Having some real issues trying to get this 4th monitor to work and hoping someone else had had the same experience. Essentially I can get 3 27 inch monitors to work in full screen mode, but as soon as I add the 4th monitor it all goes to hell.


Setup is


Quad core i7 4.2 GHz

Gtx 970 4gb

Gt 730 2gb


I have tried connecting the monitors in number of different ways. In windows, I can get them all to work as normal in a number of different ways. I plug the 3 main view monitors into the gtx 970 and can then get the 4th working via the second video card or the CPU.


I can also get fsx working with 3 monitors in surround mode as long as the 4th isn't plugged in. But....


As soon as I plug the 4th monitor in, regardless of the fact that it works normally in windows, it breaks fsx.... The main view only appears on the centre screen and the other monitor is black.


The resolution settings in windows and fsx are all correct and normal, but for some reason fsx seems to freak out as soon as the 4th monitor is plugged in.


I'm using fsx steam edition in windows 8. I'm starting to think it could be a software issue as no amount of new hardware seems to be helping!


Help me please.....

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Hi Nick, Have you been able to solve your problem I am attaempting to do the same.

I have twin GTX 970's . I have three monitors connected via SLI surround mode.

I can add the fourth one via the Nvidia setup mode and it works fine.

Have you tried going back to the FSX graphics mode? In my case it defaulted back to the size ofone monitor. All I have to do was scroll down the list of resolutions and changed it.

In my case I don't want to add the monitor to the other three for extended view. I wanted to show the 2D panel in there. I have not been able to do that.

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