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Very nice. What airplane is that? I mean, I know B737, but whose? And don't say "MINE!" :p


PMDG 737NGX, and to be more exact, the 737-700 in old SWA livery.. "N944WN"

They still run a lot of the old livery planes until they get them all repainted.

I have both new and old livery versions.. Also many of the SWA "State" planes and

Shamu, but don't fly those too much. They recently retired the flying whales as

they ended their contract with Sea World.


I had a flock of birds off my left side on final. I thought part of them made it

into the video on one of the right side exterior views, but after looking again,

I don't see em.. I might have cropped them out..

I've been seeing ORBX birds at a few different locations the last few days.

They sure look realistic the way they fly and all... I used to see them on the

stand alone ORBX stuff, but now with global/vector, I'm seeing them at many

other locations which are not ORBX airports. I'm guessing Global probably added

them, but I guess it could have also been Vector. I've seen geese, what looked

to be hawks, and other types of birds. The geese were white, but the hawks? I

saw on the Mexico Pacific coast were pretty dark. Not sure on the type I saw

at Corpus.. They weren't geese.

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