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POsky 777 not working for steam edition

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First thing I always check when an installed airplane fails to show up in Aircraft Selection is the panel- a missing (or invalid, which is the same thing) panel will prevent the airplane from appearing.


Open your panel.cfg file and see what it says. Many freeware airplanes "arrive" with no panel or gauges of their own, and the other options in panel.cfg commented out (//double slashes mean it's commented out.) So it's up to the user (that would be you) to either un-comment a valid option, install a panel or alias to another airplane's panel. In all 3 cases, the panel you are referencing must exist and your reference to it must be valid.


I have one of the POSKY triple-sevens, and my panel works fine in FSX:SE. Here's what my Panel folder looks like:

POSKY 777-200ER GE 90-94B PenelFolder.png


Also, the "panel=" entry in aircraft.cfg has to be populated with the extension of your panel folder if the folder has an extension. For example, if your panel folder is "panel.777ER" then your aircraft config should say "panel=777ER". If your panel folder is like mine, i.e. no extension, then the panel= entry should NOT be populated- just "panel=" is fine.

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JAL 777.

There are probably many versions of it.


What was the name of the .zip file you downloaded?

Where did you download the aircraft from?



In case the file you downloaded was: jal_posky_b777-346er.zip (From here, flightsim.com) .....

EDIT: Nevermind, that is not the plane you have. I just checked.


Send in the name of the .zip file you downloaded, and the name of the site you downloaded it from.

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Most of the major errors that can happen was already mentioned. I just wanted to add one more point, sometimes the livery makes the problem. Make sure in your aircraft.cfg, you have the correct livery name for the correct plane. This error quite often happens when you add multiple liveries and manually edit the cfg. Therefore do also have a look at the livery section, aka, FLTSIMXX (if I remember correctly, as I haven't done these since long), and make sure your livery is correct.
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