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nVidia Inspector Please Help

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Hi all:

I just spent 3 hours banging my head against a wall trying to get Inspector to work. Version I believe. What I have been doing is selecting the MS Flight Simulator X profile, then trying to change some parameters to those I would prefer. So I change them, then click on the button to associate FSX.exe with that profile, then click Accept Changes. Then the darned thing goes back to the original values. I just can't get the darned thing to accept the changes. I've googled it to death with no real clear direction. Can anyone please give me some guidance on this?

Thank you in advance

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You don't need to associate anything.


Just type "MS Flight Simulator X" into the Profile box, change your settings, click Apply.


That's what I thought too. However, when I hit "Apply Changes" the parameters I changed revert back to the original values. It seems that it won't let me change values in the MS Flight Simulator FSX profile. I must be doing something wrong and I just don't see it.

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