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Need Help With FSX Google Earth Tracker


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I need help with getting FSX Google Earth Tracker working.


I have FSX Acceleration on a WIN7 64 bit computer. I have installed FSGET. I get an icon on my Taskbar. If I rt click on the Icon it has Enable Tracker, Run FSX and Run Google Earth 4 plus a lot of other lines.


I do not have GE 4. I have Version


I have clicked on Run FSX and waited until it is loaded. I did not select an airport yet. I clicked on Run GE4 and my GE opens. I selected the airport that I wanted to see when I ran FSX.


I then selected an airplane and a location and allowed FSX to run and set me at the airport I selected. I then rt clicked and selected Enable Tracker. It says Connected to FSX for a few seconds and then says Disabled. I never see my plane on GE at the airport at the position I set in FSX. I have tried several times clicking on Enable with no results.


Am I doing something wrong? Is my sequence wrong? I cannot find any manual on FSXGET.


I read on some forums that you need the simconnect.cfg . My simconnect.cfg in my SDK says:









It does not callout a port. Do I need a port called out in it, and if so what port number?



What is really strange that once doing all my troubleshooting it did work OK. I was able to track my ship AI OK at another seaplane base. I have tried it at several airports with no luck.


Any detailed help sure would be appreciated. Bob.

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