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Weird View Problem


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Whenever I hold space and try to move my view around, I have to hit another key while holding space for it to move.


How do I fix this?


EDIT: Nvm, it fixed itself.


Your issue didn't "fix itself." This bunch is so talented that, by the mere appearance of your post describing your issue, they were able to diagnose it without knowing which sim (boxed, Gold, Deluxe, SP1, SP2, Acceleration or Steam?) or which OS (Windows for Workgroups?) or your control setup (stick? gamepad? keyboard+mouse only?).


Then they nonchalantly tossed some aviation-spec fairy dust into the air, and voilà! Problem fixed from afar! :)


That's not all: just today, Pvarn posted a Views how-to that solved some problems for me that I didn't even know I was having! So they fixed my issue BEFORE I even had a chance to post about it.


I love it when they do that, don't you? :cool:

i7-10700K @3.8-5.1GHz, 32GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM, GTR-2060 Super 8GB, 2x SSDs
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