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Scenery for Old Athens airport Hellinikon LGAT?


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When flying across Greece on Fs2004, I noticed the closed airport of Hellinikon in Athens. Not knowing anything of it's history i researched it on the internet and came across a YouTube video by Mr. Vic Stefanu that showed the closed down airport in a sentimental tour. It is great to see, I have included this link to make it easier .

Then I wondered if anyone has made add-on scenery of it for FS2004, I have searched and come up with nothing but if anyone knows where to find it if there is one made for Hellinikon, i would be grateful.

Thanks in advance

Regards Charlotte

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Hi Charlotte,


as it is probably my favorite airport I also have made efforts in searching for a good scenery file for the airport.


I was able to find a good scenery file released not too long ago for FSX on avsim. The scenery is made by Moraitis Vangelis...Hope this somehow is helpful...


As for FS2004 I was not able to find anything


kind Regards

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