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How to install FSX addons on P3D?


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I tried to fly with P3D in the past, but I returned to fsx because I can't install all my addons who is support for fsx installer to P3D.

I formatted my PC because lot of problems with sceneries.

Almost all my sceneries support FSX only.

So, as i said I had a lot of problems with P3D with Russian migration tool, and another one, I paid for him:




Someone can tell me how to install all my sceneries without bugs? I want to use P3D v2.5.


What to do? I can't stand it to install all the time and format my computer again...


Thank you

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All I can say is I am not a computer techie and I fly mainly PMDG and they have their planes ready and able for P3D as has Quality Wings 757.... I am just going to wait for the developers to make their planes, scenery etc for inclusion into P3D.... It is going to happen...I think P3D is great overall...but I still enjoy FSX,,,,, I just wish the Level D 767 would work in P3D and I know some simmers have it in there but seems many many more have problems getting that plane plus other stuff into the P3D sim....I think right now....patience is the way to go.....
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