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REQUEST: Scenery for KSTC


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Will a willing person PLEASE do this one for me ;) It's my home airport. I tried to do it myself with ADE, but when I edit it and compile, everything is missing at the airport when I spawn in:(. Because of this I would like a generous person to do this one for me. Here's some things I'd like to See:

KSTC: St. Cloud Regional Airport St.Cloud, MN

-Add jetway to Terminal

-Add Taxiway/Runway edge stripes

-Add/change FBO/Hangar next to it(leave the yellow ones alone)

-Add a couple GA aircraft to the ramp

-Change parking positions/alignment


Use the google maps earth view or something similar to look at it, and you'll know what I'm talking about :)

It shouldn't be too much of an endeavor, just do your best to match my criteria, and If you miss one/can't do it, it's ok.

NOTE: I'll soon post a video on youtube of an IRL flight in and out of there, and I'll post the link here. It might help you a bit.

Please consider this relatively small job:o Thanks

Volatum Liberum! Feel Free to throw it in Google Translate!



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