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Question regarding fly-over waypoints in the Wilco Embraer E-Jets

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Hello everyone! I'm looking for someone who has experience flying the wilco embraer e-jets and can maybe tell me why my FMC is doing the things it's doing.


I was flying my Embraer Lineage 1000 today and had the approach for East Midlands Airport (EGNX) ILS 09 setup hours ahead of time. I've attached charts for the STAR and approach I used to make it easier to understand. I was flying the ROKUP 1A STAR. Basically, everything is fine up until DIPSO (via TNT). The FMC doesn't program a hold in as the procedure on the chart doesn't call for one, therefore, DIPSO is considered a fly-over waypoint. But as soon as I hit DIPSO, the FMC deletes ROKUP, makes a right turn and heads directly for EME, completely ignoring the fact that I need to make a right turn at ROKUP to intercept an inbound track of 150 to EME. The next error (a pretty major one) is at EMW. There's a waypoint not depicted on the charts called D09A (or something like that) about 8.2 DME from EMW. This is also labelled as a fly-over waypoint. The procedure is to make a right turn at this waypoint and intercept the localizer, but instead the FMC flies over the waypoint, deletes the other waypoints that help guide it in to the final approach course, and makes a left turn directly to the threshold of the runway. Is this a bug or operator error?


If you need more details (pictures of the FMC before and after DIPSO) I would be happy to provide them!


Sorry for the long winded post!






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