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USA Historic Airfields Series Continued - Next 4 Airfields In MSFS

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USA Historic Airfields Series Continued - Next 4 Airfields In MSFS

By Frank's MS Flight Sim


Continuing our USA Historic Airfields Series, in this video we visit Idaho Falls, Wendover, Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon airfields in MSFS, and see which of their airfield structures are included on the National Register of Historic Places. We also take the opportunity, flying the Beechcraft Bonanza, to check-out nearby sights such as: Yellowstone National Park (NP); Teton NP; the desert around Wendover; Bryce Canyon NP; and Grand Canyon NP. At the end of the video there is some real footage of the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.



Frank's MS Flight Sim



About Frank's MS Flight Sim

New channel begun in 2021. Visit notable airfields and areas in Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS). Themes so far include: WW2; Bush/Mt./Water/Outback strips; “Golden Oldie” strips; heritage/vintage strips; and aircraft accident investigations. More different themes to come. Expect a new video roughly each week. Provides brief, interesting information, often with history, geography, maps, pictures etc, and great places to fly in MSFS. Focus is on interesting content rather than production values.


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This is some beautiful flying in the video. So much so that I wanted to fly at least some of it myself. So I set off today in the Bell 47J and did a tour around Yellowstone. The 47J is pretty slow so I didn't go too far but it was a nice trip:


Wonder if I'm supposed to park here? 🙂




Old Faithful close up from the air:







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