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Australia's Only Civil IFR Mid-Air Collision

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Australia's Only Civil IFR Mid-Air Collision

By Frank's MS Flight Sim


Come see this sad video about Australia's only mid-air collision between two civil aircraft in IFR flight. It happened in 2020 and took the lives of four people including my own CFI. It should never haver happened. We'll look at the circumstances of the accident and what's been done since to help prevent the same sort of thing happening again. Again, the Swiss Cheese Model of Accident Causation applies here. Hopefully this video will help those of us who fly for real to be even more safety conscious.



Frank's MS Flight Sim



About Frank's MS Flight Sim

New channel begun in 2021. Visit notable airfields and areas in Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS). Themes so far include: WW2; Bush/Mt./Water/Outback strips; “Golden Oldie” strips; heritage/vintage strips; and aircraft accident investigations. More different themes to come. Expect a new video roughly each week. Provides brief, interesting information, often with history, geography, maps, pictures etc, and great places to fly in MSFS. Focus is on interesting content rather than production values.



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