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Can FSUIPC and certain addons on FS2004 permanently change the flight dynamics of addon and/or default aircraft?


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Happy New Year everyone. The title is self explanatory. For example, if a plane behaves differently because of another that uses FSUIPC, or an addon plane, will removing both solve the problem? Or will it "remain" that way? Can FSUIPC permanently change FS2004 IF an addon is faulty or poorly made? I actually do not have a problem with FSUIPC or addons, but I am weary of some of my addons that I have, and I make sure to not touch FSUIPC at all (some of my addons use this). I do suffer from scrupulosity, so my apologies if my question sounds silly...

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FSUIPC is an interface for third party software to interact with FS, by itself it does nothing that would materially affect the flight model of aircraft in general (you can affect control inputs and such but that is not altering how the aircraft fly).  Aircraft that require FSUIPC use it to hook into gauge data, sounds, etc., beyond "normal" activity, but actual physics of each aircraft are isolated and cannot interfere with each other. 


What you do have to watch for is aircraft that make changes to the main cfg file, this will affect everything.  Fortunately these are quite rare and usually mention this in the documentation.

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