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Commercial pilot new to flight simulation, need help please

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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.


I am grateful for the chance to participate in your forum, and I would like to ask for some help.

I am a commercial pilot, single engine land, single engine sea, high performance and tail wheel endorsed, instrument.

 I recently bought a computer system to use Microsoft flight simulator, primarily for the practice of instrument, approach techniques, and in route navigation.

The planes I fly are a 1960 Bonanza, with steam gauges, and HSI, and a Garmin 430. I also fly a Maule, with a Garmin 430 and a CDI. I would very much like to find the airplanes that simulate these as well.

Looking through the menu, very few of the planes have steam gauges, and none that I can find are paired with a 430. Being able to practice with these items specifically, especially with an HSI, would be very valuable. I would like to be able to input flight plans, just like I would for real cross country IFR flying, and then fly the approach using the 430 and the HSI.

The type of airplane is not critical, but I’d like something that emulates the Maule and the Bonanza. I am not computer savvy. It was all I could do to get this thing set up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, Bill. 

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Welcome to the forums!


There are an awful lot of planes available beyond what comes with the sim. Finding just the right one will be a challenge but perhaps just start by using the in-sim Marketplace.


I'm only personally familiar with a few planes. But as an example, my favorite (as it's what I've flown in the real world) is the Piper Archer II from Carenado, which has steam gauges and a Garmin 430 so is close to what you're looking for. Maybe someone else can chime in with something that's a better match.

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Thank you both.


Is it possible to add a 430 +/- and HSI to an existing plane? I saw there is a 430 in the FS store and I downloaded it but it does not seem to do anything. In retrospect I think its an update for existing sim planes that has an older 430 version...


An Archer would work well. High performance retractable with a constant speed prop is close enough if it has the right avionics, and an autopilot is nice. Do I just Google 'Piper Archer II from Carenado' and download it somehow from there? Would it then show up in my airplane catalog on FS?


Jgf, my work computer where I am now won't let me look at that V tail but I'll check when I get home. With the right avionics it may be a good choice.


I see FS store has a Maule, but with what looks like a Garmin 650. I may be able to make that work also.


Finally, is there a way to input flight plans with IFR waypoints? in the 'World' option all I see is starting and ending airports. I assume the 430 or 650 in the panel of these planes would have that functionality?


Sorry to ask so many questions but this is all new for my 59 year old brain, I'm a physician and commercial pilot, not a computer person. I appreciate your patience,




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Is this the same Maule that's in the in sim Marketplace? If so it looks like it will also work for me. If I understand correctly it can be toggled between a 430 and a 650 which would be awesome. This is nearly my plane so it should transfer well to my knowledge:



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The easiest way to add new planes to the sim is to buy them from the Marketplace, which is built right into the sim itself. If you find what you want there you purchase it without leaving the sim and you should then be guided through the download and install.


You can also buy from online stores. The Maule in the video you showed above is available here:




From a store like this you'd do the purchase and install with the sim not running, but usually it's pretty easy to do.


As for flight plans, you can actually build pretty good flight plans just using the planner right in the sim. It's certainly good enough for a VFR flight but for you can create basic IFR flights as well.


If you want to get more sophisticated, there are tools like LittleNavMap:




which is free. It's not exactly "little" though and does have a bit of a learning curve, but as a pilot you've dealt with that kind of thing before so if you want to do more complex flight planning it's definitely possible. LittleNavMap runs external to the sim, but when you're done with your planning it creates a flight plan in the format the sim uses so when you start up the sim you can load up your plan and go.

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9 minutes ago, FastDoc said:

Thank you.


I have a computer savvy friend I'll get him to help if I need it and go for the Maule. So the Maule on the video is not the Maule in the Marketplace?


I'm not sure...


The creator of the Maule is "Pilot Experience Sim" so in the Marketplace see if that matches the Maule you are looking at.

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That Maule fits the bill and has the right avionics. Bonus I am also seaplane rated so that's some extra fun.


I downloaded it last night. I did not have much time to test it, maybe 10 minutes but enough to confirm its ground handling, takeoff and landing characteristics are appropriately difficult 😉


I'll look into the Archer next.


Thanks for the help,



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Hi FastDoc, how are things flying? I retired from light commercial flying with around 3200hrs and only a couple of years ago retired as a Family Physician also so now have loads of time for MSFS2020 and RC plane building and 3D flying so nice to read your messages above?

I do mostly IFr flying in flightsim but also owned a Maule for about 800 hours of time back in the 80s.  My favourite owned plane except for a Lazair Ultralight (pure fun) 




Windows 11 MB MSI X-570 -A Pro, CPU--AMD Ryzen 5-5600 3.7 GHz, 6 core, 16G Ram, DDR 3600 MHz AMD Radeon 6800 Graphics card.

Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo, Saitek Autopilot and Switch panel, Echo (Arduino build) autopilot and controller, Saitek Rudder pedals. 3 Monitors.

Oculus Rift 2 Virtual Reality headset.

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