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Flaps doesn't want to extend, what's the solution?


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While flying two specific planes (FSX Native PT Il-62 and HJG DC-9 with the KW Gauge modification) I noticed something both on takeoff and landing, the Flap's don't come down! I thought it was the flap speed being extremely slow but nah! It's the literal gauges that's not allowing the flaps to go down. I went to the panel and tried to bring it down, but it didn't want to!
Well, I have two probable causes: Gauges may still be in FS2004, and another is my key mapping for the flaps (shift+num-pad enter/0)
Are there solutions? A new panel for them?

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Using either the HJG FS2004 native DC-9 panels (plural) or the FSX native KW DC-9 panel (singular) both the flaps and landing gear can only function if the Hydraulics system is "engaged"/selected "ON " otherwise these items "will not work". This is how these simulations are intended/compiled to work. 


Similar might apply to the PT IL-62 as well but I can't advise in regard to this.


In regard to the DC-9 panels the flaps and landing gear functionality in regard to the Hydraulics system is explained within HJG's forum based manual for these simulations.


PLEASE NOTE THOUGH: HJG only provides support for the FS2004 native DC-9 panels it offers. It does not/cannot support the FSX native KW DC-9 panels although HJG's although HJG's manual should still be mostly useable with this particular panel too.







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