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Best solution and/or configuration for running FS98 with FST and/or Dynamic scenery


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Hi, all. I have a special interest to make FS98 to run as smooth as I can with Dynamic scenery/traffic. I have made several trials in W7 and XP (this one in a VMWare Virtual machine), but I still have problems. I have a 16 GB RAM Intel i7-7700 3.60 GHZ with a 3GB Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060. (I have also had problems with an ATI-RADEON card in another computer.)


The issues I get are especially:

·  Dark/flashing textures when there are more than 6 aircraft together (In a Tower view, for example).

·  I have had also G3D.DLL crashes, especially when I change quickly with the joystick hat switch, the view of several aircraft from distance, which might be related. (But for me this is secondary anyway)


From what I have read this part seems to be related with FS98 being a 16-bit game while graphic cards normally use 24-bit Depth calculations.


So my questions are:

·  Has any of you tried somewhat busy airports in FS98 with some success?.

·  In which hardware/software configuration? With which ones?

·  Have you solved the G3D.dll crashes with other video Cards?.

·  Does any of you know where are the limitations for running FS98 at max?

·  Processor/Graphic card RAM


And especially, for those who know well FS98 software architecture. What could be the best Processor/Graphic card configuration for playing FS98 at maximum?


Thanks and regards.



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