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yet another very loooooooong update (Xbox s)

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Hi fellow simmers,

My Xbox s is stuck since yesterday on the latest msfs2020 update

98% complete and its not moving, i can quit the sim and do other stuff but my sim is completely blocked 

i dont know if its the download but system says the internet is okay

in fact, i had no console issues at all, except for this update ...ugh


if you never wonder about something, its because you know everything....:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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I use MSFS on my PC. I had this problem with SU 13. It had already downloaded multiple gigabytes and then it stopped with just a few megabytes to go. 
I read on some online forums that this often happens when many people try to download an update at the same time. This normally happens on release day. I was able to download the update the following day.
This problem is well-known, but still Microsoft does nothing about it. I hope this is something that they'll fix in MSFS 2024...

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