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Plan to build a cessna cockpit

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Hello All,

after being away for some years I decided to swap my focus from building a 737 cockpit to building a Cessna.

I am used to have so much web resources when it comes to the 737, but I am now a little lost for a Cessna.

I have not yet fully decided which model I like to go for, but the intention is to build the shell as well as the inside cockpit.
I am looking for plans, forums, websites and thing that has detailed information as well as shops where I can find the hardware.


From a shell prospective I plan to build it myself as long as I can find some plans, but from a cockpit hardware I plan to do very little soldering and buy most of the parts. I am happy to simply use some Saitek products, like yoke and radios, but other companies are also OK.

Anyone knows of a good place or places where I can start collecting information?



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