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Sound cfg ini file


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Ever since I discovered this anomaly about two weeks ago while sorting through engine failure in Manfred Jahn's L-1049, (Thanks Mr. Zippy) I have been perplexed how this scenario will work in one aircraft, yet not another. I consider myself preety familiar with folder/file hierachy in FSX. I am going to use two different aircraft to illustrate my dilemna.


First the TDS 737 Max8 and last, Manfreds L-1049.

Both aircraft come with a "Sounds"  folder as an additional folder to the "Sound" folder that usually contains engine, gear, flaps sounds etc. The "Sounds" folder has all sorts of extraneous cockpit sounds such as Pilot to Co-Pilot verbal commands and Co-Pilot responses, button clicks and aural warnings. 


As instructed, I placed the "Sounds" folders in the FSX Sound folder. With the L-1049 download, there is also a folder titled "SP 1049A" which I placed in the FSX Gauges folder. In the 737 panrl cfg file, there is a gauge entry like this, which ties the gauge to the sounds in the FSX Sound folder. 


gauge36=Gauges_Sound\dsd_fsx_xml_sound!Sound,  1,1,1,1,\Cockpit_Sound\CockpitSounds.ini


In the L-1049 panel cfg file, no such gauge entry is found to tie the cockpit sounds to the aitcraft, yet the sounds are functioning and audible when variuos keys/switches are inacted on my programmed Saitek Yoke, such as flaps and radar altitude callouts. Now, what I can't figure out is how it works for L-1049 when there is no gauge entry in the panel cfg file such as there is in the 737. Also, there is no Sound ini file in the L-1049 extra Sounds folder that contains all the cockpit sounds. 


This all stems from my desire to add this "Sounds" folder to the Calclassic DC-7B. How are the cockpit sounds deciphered by FSX in the L-1049 when no appropriate gauge file entry is found in the L-1049 panel cfg file under Window[00] and no Sound.ini file is found in the extra Sounds folder?



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