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ATR Manual Exceeds Expectations

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“Orders are exceeding expectations,” says author Bill Stack about his latest flight-simulating manual: ATR Simming. “Obviously there has been a pent up demand for it.”

“I began writing ATR Simming as a manual for my own use,” he explains, “and then I realized that other flight simmers needed a manual as much as I did.”

ATR Simming describes and explains operations of the ATR 42-600 and ATR72-600 from preflight, through all flight phases, to complete shutdown.

In seven distinct chapters, this entirely new manual describes physical and performance characteristics for both models, explains their electronic flight decks, and instructs how to operate these unique aircraft. The manual explains the ATRs unique features such as gust lock, idle gate, and hotel mode. An appendix defines acronyms and abbreviations used in the book, and another appendix provides checklists for all flight phases from startup to shutdown.

Flight-sim author and instructor Bill Stack spent several months researching and flight testing these unique aircraft for developing this totally original manual.

This all-new 137-page manual is published in portable document format (PDF) for clarity of pages, images, and tables and for ease of use by all flight simmers.

Absolutely free extras are included: Standard V-speed card, ATR quick-step table, and MSFS keyboard shortcuts.

“Flight simmers will enjoy simulating both ATRs as a result of knowledge gained from this comprehensive manual,” promises author Bill Stack.

ATR Simming is available from the Flight Sim Com Store: https://store.flightsim.com/TopSkills--ATR-SIMMING_p_5054.html



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