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My computer recently got seriously infected with malware. I will spare you all the details, but I eventually got things cleaned up. However - in the heat of battle - I came across a recommendation for a program called REIMAGE that claimed to completely clean and restore your computer, especially repairing any damaged Windows files from a library of fresh, up-to-date Windows files. This sounded like what I needed, so I STUPIDLY installed the program and ran a system scan without googling the program to learn of its reputation (which later turned out to be bad).


Well - of course the scan found a zillion problems including 6 security threads, so I STUPIDLY plunked down the price of $69.95 (with their promise to refund the money within 60 days if not satisfied) to get the program to fix it all as promised. After that I only found all the problems were still there, including some new ones. I immediately uninstalled the program and started an email to the company to request a refund. But then I read their emailed order confirmation for the order data, and noticed that THE ORDER CONFIRMATION WAS DATED JANUARY 6, 2015, WHEN THE PURCHASE WAS IN APRIL 2015! In other words my proof of purchase within 60 days had expired!


I guess I deserve to have been taken, but PLEASE everybody, remember to carefully check out the reputation of any freeware AND purchased programs before installing. Some are good, some are infected, and some are outright scams.

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