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Recent Hassle with FS9/GMax and Dell 16 Inspiron Windows 11


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I had both FS9 and GMax running just fine on my (now year-old) Dell, which does automatic updates of its (I believe)  Windows 11 (more's the pity). 


Anyway, I managed to screw things up a week ago and needed to reinstall both FS9 and GMax. The latter worked fine, including its link to FS9 (as checked on another machine), but the FS9 refuses to start once its (lengthy 4-disc) reload is done. I believe I have the no-CD crank where it used to be. 


I get garbage messages such as "Needs Administrator" when indeed I am the administrator. Also an ERROR 34 or some such when I try to load the 9.1update. 


I read about a Microsoft update (dated 10/10 as I recall) that's causing havoc among some folks. (And, of course, my Dell is configured to do automatic MS updates....).


My current workaround is to do GMax on the Dell, then take the .mdl over to fs9 operating on my other system in another room. I guess the exercise does me good, but it would sure be nice to get fs9 running on the Dell again. 


Any thoughts? Thanks. Dennis (aka EngEd) 




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