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FSX and 4 Monitor setup issue.


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Hi. I’m in need of some assistance with FSX and a multiple monitor setup. The PC concerned is not mine so I don’t have immediate access to it.


The PC is running Windows 7 and has an Nvidia display card. It is used exclusively to run FSX.


The installed version is, I believe, the 2006 release, but I didn’t ask if it had been updated at any time.


I recently visited the owner of the PC to assist with a problem with his speaker setup. This required the temporary removal of the centre monitor of a 4 screen display. 3 main monitors (all identical models) for the main flight sim window and an additional monitor to display the GPS window. FSX used the centre screen expanding into the 2 outer monitors. All of this worked prior to moving the centre monitor.


After addressing the sound issue, before reconnecting the centre monitor, the system was powered on in order to check that the sound was now working properly. Once this had been checked everything was put back in place and I powered up the PC. The monitor placement needed reconfiguring as the screens were not as they were before removing the centre monitor. After a little juggling around with the screen placement in the display settings everything seemed as it should be. The mouse pointer travelled across all 3 main screens and down to the 4th monitor seamlessly. The problems became apparent when I tried to get FSX working.


Once loaded, FSX would not expand beyond the centre monitor. In Full Screen mode the program only occupies the centre monitor. In Windowed mode the screen can be dragged to fill the outer monitors but the result was a black screen on the outer 2 monitors. The game graphics stayed solely on the centre screen. I could not find a way to expand the image to the outer displays. I could add additional windows and drag these onto the outer displays but they would not expand to fit the screen nor could I alter their content to reflect their new screen position.


Using the Nvidia Control Panel, I was able to configure surround display, which allowed me to expand the display of FSX as it was before moving the centre monitor, but now the fourth GPS monitor is disabled.


This has been a ridiculously complicated process so far. I have attempted to follow instructions on Youtube and also read the guides in the FSX learning centre but none of this has helped in getting the game display as it was before moving the monitor.


I would be very grateful of any help anyone can offer.


Thanks. Funster.


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My suggestion is to go to Options/Settings/Display and make sure to select the 'full screen resolution' to be correct for the Surround display (presumably 5760 x 1080 if they are 1080p monitors). It most likely has reverted to 1920x1080 while you were fiddling. If that doesn't help, go to fsx.cfg and delete any sections with names that look like this: [DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670.0]. These will be regenerated when you restart FSX. Then make sure the full screen resolution is set correctly as above.


I am confident one or both of these steps will sort you out.




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