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Instrument Simming 21st Century is an all-new manual that replaces TopSkills’ former instrument flying manual. This entirely new manual defines, describes, and explains instrument flight for home simulation pilots with emphasis on modern technology.

Instrument flight, commonly referred to as “IFR,” is required when weather obstructs visibility, for all commercial flights, and all flights higher than 18,000 feet above mean sea level. Flight simmers embarking on such flights should apply IFR for the utmost realism.

In nine distinct chapters, this new manual defines instrument flight, describes instrument-flight rules (IFR), and explains aircraft instruments used in instrument flights. It also explains making and filing flight plans and reading and using official instrument-flight charts.

With specific focus on instrument flying, four chapters instruct on planning and preparing, taxiing and taking off, flying en route, arriving, and approaching in step-by-step directions. One appendix provides instrument-flight exercises, and another defines acronyms used in the book.

This 156-page manual is published in portable document format (PDF) for clarity of pages, images, and tables and for ease of use by all flight simmers.

A free V-speed card is included, as is an official flight-plan form for laying out plans before filing them.

“Flight simmers seeking true realism will enjoy the knowledge gained from this comprehensive manual,” promises author Bill Stack.

Instrument Simming 21st Century is available from the FlightSimCom Store.


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