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Request: FSX Ethiopian Air Lines (c.1956) for Manfred Jahn C-47 V2


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As a teenager, I lived in Ethiopia for 3+ years while my Dad (now gone) Captained C-47/DC-3's, including this one, for Ethiopian Air Lines (3 separate words at that time, hence the "E A L" on the fin):



Here's a somewhat rudimentary drawing of the livery I'm requesting. Although it's not photo-realistic by any means (the lion drawing is particularly inaccurate), it does show the overall layout of the paint:



This colorful livery is already in the MSFS world for the CalClassics-VBF Convair 240, available at this FlyAwaySimulation page but as I said above, for personal, sentimental reasons, I would really like to "fly with my Dad again" and that means in a C-47 wearing the above livery. I would prefer HD-4096 textures, but if those are a lot more trouble to do (I know nothing about paints), I would be forever grateful for any quality of this EAL livery someone wants to make for the MJ C-47 V2.


Here are some FSX screenshots of the EAL livery on the Convair in case there is enough detail in them to help make a C-47 paint:








I'm sorry that I don't know how to make FSX "free my camera" so I can get a straight-on shot of the fin... what I posted above is the best that I know how to do.


The Amharic script along the upper part of the fuselage is የኢትዮጵያ : አየር : መንገድ :: and the 3 Amharic characters underlying the white E A L on the fin are ኢ አ መ.


Please PM me if I can provide anything else. Sadly, I don't have any more pictures of this particular livery on real C-47s. I do have some photos of an earlier version of this livery, but this is the one I most remember, and the one that ET-AAQ was wearing the last time Dad took me flying in her.


Thanks in advance.

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