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DC-3 Airways World Tour

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Rev Up Your Twin Engines For The DC-3 Airways World Tour

The popular World Rally is now The DC-3 Airways World Tour. DCA has changed our annual event from a competition to a more enjoyable set of global tours. Pilots will see parts of the world that may be new to them, at a slower pace and lower altitudes.


It is not a competition, so there is no pressure to perform well. Just relax and enjoy the experience of flying one of the most iconic aircraft in history. As a bonus, pilots will be flying over some of the world's most interesting and beautiful scenery. And, The World Tour is an opportunity for flight sim enthusiasts on all platforms to get to know and enjoy the classic DC3 and its military counterpart, The C-47.


This year's tour will be staged for the full month of October and will include 10 flight plans, both VFR and IFR which can be flown over three-day intervals..


The only requirement is that pilots fly either the DC3 or C47, either freeware or payware as you choose.


Flight plans will be furnished without weather, leaving pilots the choice of using stand alone real weather programs, or none at all.


The idea is to have fun. Along the way, participants will meet other pilots who share a common interest in simulated aviation and the venerable DC3 family of aircraft.


Find out more about the DCA Airways World Tour and register at dc3airways.net. Look for the "DC-3 Airways World Tour" button for further details. The deadline for registration is September 30, 2023.


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