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Catapult Attach Points on FSX Carriers

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This past week I used ModelConverterX to add catapults to a FSX carrier that didn't have any:  Yanco's USS Enterprise (CV-6). Each cat has a start and an end point and are labeled 1 and 2, just like all other FSX carriers. The model file updated OK and I can see the four start/end points. Now for the problem... Whichever cat I label as 1 works fine, my aircraft hooks up as soon as I hit Shift + I. The cat labeled as 2 never works. I can make it longer/shorter, move it left/right, move the start and end points above or below the flight deck platform, doesn't make any difference. If anybody has experience adding effects and attach points to FSX ships, I could use some help here. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.  

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