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HJG Summertime Surprises - New & Upgraded File Releases

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HJG (Historic Jetliners Group) has pleasure announcing its "Summertime Surprises" .... this being HJG's 3rd release for the 2023 year.

This latest release features some 46X files (a small output by HJG standards but one containing some nice product) and which is composed of new textures for the B727, B737, BAC ONE-ELEVEN, CV990, DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, HS TRIDENT, and MD-80/90 virtual flight line offered by HJG.... as well as the DMFS BAC ONE-ELEVEN, DH COMET, HS TRIDENT, and VICKERS VC10 panels hosted by HJG .... and all of which is intended for both FS2004 and FSX use.

Textures subjects featured within this release relate to aircraft and operators from Central America, China, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ireland, Lebanon, Malta, Macedonia, Mexico, Pakistan, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, along with "the good old US-of-A" too, and Zaire .... covering the mid 1960's through present day period .... and among which both PAX, freight, demonstrator, military, corporate VIP, and fire fighting tanker operators are each represented in both definitive period as well as hybrid liveries.

Upgraded files within this release relate the DMFS BAC ONE-ELEVEN, DH COMET, HS TRIDENT, and VC10 panels (hosted by HJG) .... each of which now feature George CARTY's "functional" WX Radar Set .... among all other fixes applied to these simulations by HJG (since 2021) in order to improve their performance and promote "proper FSX portability" whilst not departing from DM's own concept in regard to how he intended these panels to look and function.

This latest selection of  offerings for FS2004 and FSX, along with  a whole lot more too, is all currently and "FREELY" available for download from HJG at the following website address ....

HJG Website Address

For further information concerning the content of this/HJG's latest releases please refer to the following-linked forum announcement ....

HJG Forum Announcement/June 30th 2023

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1 hour ago, michaelkalinowsk said:

Sounds great and a big thank you to the whole team for making these updates available. Especially appreciated is the fact that FS2004 add-ons are not left aside.

I echo my thanks and appreciation, Been flying your KC-135 in FSX, and will be adding more.

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