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Tutorial: MSFS Boeing 747-8 Flight Management System Setup

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Boeing 747-8 Flight Management System Setup - AAU2 - LNAV/VNAV Autoland - CYYZ-KBOS FMS Tutorial

Video by Laurie Doering


The Aircraft and Avionics Update 2 (AAU2) by Working Title to the default Boeing 747 in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 brings this aircraft closer to a study level/immersion experience. We program the Flight Management System (FMS) with the essential data to experience a completely automated flight with LNAV and VNAV execution from departure to touchdown using the autoland system. This 397 nm flight departs from Toronto (CYYZ) runway 05 and arrives in Boston (KBOS) runway 22L. The 747 follows the flight plan to perfection. Please consider a subscription if you enjoyed this video. Blue skies to all pilots!



Laurie Doering
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