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Wind affect on takeoff-land runways (ATC)


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For some unknown reason I now have ATC arriving and departing all flights always from the same runway, regardless how I set the wind direction. 

Example: Seattle 34s are always offered by ATC, even if I set the wind to oposite 16. (even high velocity)


In the past, when testing approaches, the ATC always complied with the wind directions and offered correct runways.

Do not recall doing any changes in FS settings or FSUPC settings, so bit confused.


Any clue?

Peter Bendl

ex. British Airways

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After changing/setting the weather, are you refreshing the ATC system by moving the sim time forward or backward by 1 minute? Or I do believe there was a FSUIPC setting that did this automatically for you.

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Thanks JSkorna,

refreshing the ATC by moving the sim time (after chnging the wind) helped.

One always learns something new. I will also look at FSUIPC to see if it can be done automatica;;y.

Many Thanks again


Peter Bendl

ex. British Airways

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My solution to your wind direction and/or general weather problem at your departure airport, is to save the flight with all the new weather settings. These weather settings will then also be saved so that upon re-opening that saved flight the saved weather/wind direction wil be re-activated as well, including ATC pointing you to the correct wind dependent runway.


This can also be done for any destination airport but you will then need to slew to that airport first, to then change the wind direction/weather there and to then slew back to your departure airport/gate, followed by saving the flight as above.


However, this procedure can NOT be done for both departure and destination airports and a choice will therefore need to tbe made.


I hope this solves your problem.





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