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Contrails...and a little more...

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After flying to and from all the major (and some minor) airfields in the U.S., I decided it was time to spend more time across the ponds. Yesterday I took a trip from Nice, France to Casablanca, Morocco. Really neat, even from 40k. Sunset was stunning as I descended over Rabat. Hope I didn't bore you but now we'll get to the meat of the matter.


I don't recall if anyone else posted this issue. Maybe it only happens on my puter. I've noticed this before but couldn't be certain, but yesterday left no doubt. When my aircraft is below contrail level activation, there are no contrails of higher-flying aircraft. When above that meteorological level, even aircraft well below are leaving a vapor trail. On my flight yesterday, at 40k over the southern coast of Spain, I zoomed in on a contrail of a craft that appeared way the heck down, and that it was. It landed on the NW-SE rwy at Malaga, then turned off after braking while continuing to emit vapor. As stated, maybe it's just me, but I'd love to hear from others seeing this or disputing such. Thanks in advance.


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