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ADF Tuning


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I had an issue tuning fractional ADF frequencies (could tune 380, 381, 382, etc., but not 380.5, 381.5);  the solution was a tweak to FSUIPC cfg.  I can now tune the fractionals but tuning doesn't hold for any frequency.  Tune 380 and in a few seconds it is 380.5, retune and in a few seconds it's back to 380.5;  this works the other way also, tune 380.5 and in a few seconds it will be 380, or 381.  Keep retuning every few seconds for a minute or more and it will eventually hold the proper frequency, though after a few minutes it may switch back and forth a few times again.  Considering you may change ADFs every thirty miles or so this quickly becomes irritating.


Is there a solution?

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