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Anybody using Radar Contact and Multi-Crew Experience with Steam Edition?


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I've been using Pro-ATC/X with MCE and am happy with both programs but I see that MCE allows voice control with Radar Contact so I'm considering a switch.


Anybody using MCE to run Radar Contact with voice control? Is the experience worth switching from Pro-ATC/X? Also, is Radar Contact confirmed to work with Steam edition? I haven't found much info on RC post-2007.





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Hi, the Radar Contact support forum is still alive on Avsim.


RC works with FSX:SE if you update to the latest FSUIPC. As I don't own ProATC I can't tell if it is worth it. I like the MCE voice control, for me it has been working pretty well. The best part is, that I can direct my trusted FO "Lotti" to take over ATC for me... Does ProATC use many different voices with different accents like PFE? If it does, you may not enjoy RC. Its voice sets are pretty limited, although there is a fixpack around that improves them a little bit.

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