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Which PC for fs2004

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We are looking at upgrading our PC, as we have been running Fs2004 on quite an old but good desktop PC for a while now but we are torn between two choices and wonder if anyone could aid us in our decision.

The first PC is a Acer aspire TC-705 i7-4790

Quad core 3.6GHz 8gb, memory 12gb,

graphics AMD Radeon R7-740 2gb

And the second is a Asus M51BC Amd fx8300 processor

3.3GHz 8GB, memory 12gb,

graphics AMDRadeon R9 255 2gb.

I would like to hear any opinions on these pc's, particularly on how well fs2004 is reproduced on them, as this is all that we use use it for. I understand there must be some limitations as to how good that the game will get as it was created so long ago, so it would great if anyone could offer their opinions or comparisons on these two pc's.

Thanks in advance


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Cannot comment on the individual PCs, but the most important factor will be the processor speed. Do some googling on which of the two processors seem best.


Quad core is irrelevant as FS9 cannot utilise it. Both have more than enough memory.

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IMHO (read:humble), either of them would run FS 9 very well. If I had to make a choice, I would go with the i4790 for the 3.6GHz speed. Both Graphics Cards should be just fine.


Just so you'll know. Win8.1 has had some Controller issues depending on the Joystick you're using; some have reported not being able to keep their joysticks connected to FS. If at all possible, Win7 is a better choice.


Hope this helps; I'm sure others will have their opinions.


Alan :pilot:

"I created the Little Black Book to keep myself from getting killed..." -- Captain Elrey Borge Jeppesen



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