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IndiaFoxtEcho - F35 Lightning II Updated

Adrian K

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Big update of the F35 Lightning II  by Dino at IndiaFoxtEcho

Aircraft is available at :https://store.flightsim.com/product/indiafoxtecho-f-35-lightning-ii-for-msfs/

There was a review by Dale Ashcroft last year : 

Change Log


- Fixed minor AO issue on ejection seat models
- Removed unnecessary duplicate goemetry (Zeroize knob) from all cockpit models
- Cleanup of AITraffic settings
- Cleanup of unnecessary code
- General update of the product manual

- Changed clock code to display 00:00:00 instead of 24:00:00
- Minor optimizations to clock code
- Increased autotrim reaction speed
- Reworked flap system
- TRIM RESET now resets trim on all axis, and toggles FCC if it is switched off
- FLAP LEVER now disables FCC and AUTOTRIM
- If FCC is running (and autotrim is active) the "AUTO" caption appears alongside the trim value
- FCS DEGRADED warning appear if airspeed is above 400 knots and user has disabled FCC
- Defog handle now controls canopy de-icing
- Rewritten Anti-Ice system (now implements Anti-Ice On-Auto-Off modes)
- Added Air Data System Heat (ADS HT) control to ENG page and implemented system simulation
- Tweaks to ENG page
- PHM and ICAWS now report FCS DEGRADED if FCC is switched off
- Fixed bug preventing Oxygent Test and BOS switches to be highlighter by the mouse
- Fixed minor text misalignment in FUEL page
- Cleanup of unnecessary code
- Fixed incorrect altitude variable in PCD HUD pages (page was reporting real altitude as opposed to indicated altitde)
- Fixed bug preventing wind direction from showing on PCD control bar
- Fixed bug preventing input of ALOW altitude in certain conditions
- Changed canopy control code so that it is now impossible to open the canopy if airspeed is above 50 kts
- Rewritten code for automatic speedbrake retraction during touch'n'go (speebrakes will retract if throttle is above 70% travel)
- Solved minor glitch on HUD page
- Added MACH HOLD AT functionality, Mach input capped at 1.60
- Added Backcourse option for AP (does not work too well)
- Fixed minor glitch in AP control interface if on right PCD side
- Autopilot has now default setting of 15000 ft, autothrottle has now a default settin to 400 kts
- Fixed minor bug preventing correct rendering of DAS imagery in some cases
- Added MAP mode to TSD screens
- Added VSD option to TSD screens (INOP, for future implementation)
- Improved interface and rendering of all imagery services
- Tweaked nose wheel steer settings

- Changed base color to multiple liveries for a better match with late Block3 and Block 4 colors
- Fixed reversed characters on landing gear door and other minor details in USAF livery 08-0747
- Fixed reversed characters on landing gear door and other minor details in Australian livery A35-040
- Clean up of F-35I prototype livery
- Updated Italian Air Force 6-01 livery
- Added Italian Air Force 32-13 livery (courtesy of Christoph Tantow)
- Added Royal Australian Air Force A35-001 livery 2nd OCU

- Changed base color to multiple liveries for a better match with late Block3 and Block 4 colors
- Fixed minor modeling and texturing misalignment in Lift-Fan door area
- Fixed minor modeling misalignment in roll post door location
- Fixed minor modeling errors in weapon bay harnessings
- Added U.S.M.C VMFA-242 "Bats" DT-01 livery
- Added U.S.M.C VMFA-242 "Bats" DT-02 livery
- Added Italian Air Force 32-14 livery
- Fixed incorrect AI configuration entry

- Changed nose cone color of VFA-147 and Top-Gun liveries and fixed minor other details
- Miscellaneous improvements to VFA-97 livery

- Fixed minor geometry issue in F-35A (IR sensor leftover from PC build)
- Fixed missing wheelchocks, ribbons and covers from F-35B
- Reduced video memory footprint for better stability




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I updated the F35 recently and notice now a tendency for it to roll left ( not stalling, this is at over 200 knots) as if trim is way off.  I started on the runway ( not cold and dark), is there something I need to adjust that could account for this?  (   Control plus 6 did not correct it )

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