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Is my CPU bottlenecked?

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Hey. I don't know how I could have explained this properly, so I have made a video. In this video, you will see the FPS plugin at the top left of the screen, and how much CPU is being used. As you can see, my CPU is hardly being used (the value should be near 0.995). My FPS is around 30. The CPU is an old I5 2320 3GHZ. The GPU is a GTX 970 4GB. Can you tell if there is a bottleneck looking at those numbers? How can I get my CPU to use more power so I can inject better graphics/more autogen and clouds into X-plane?


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Did you limit your FPS externally? Like setting VSYNC to half refresh rate in NVI?


On another note: the CPU does only what is necessary to run your program. If only 30% of it's resources are needed, then that is just how it is. You cannot just say "do more"... You know that your CPU is the bottleneck, when it pegs at 100% and your program is still running slowly. The CPU doesn't "use power", it IS the power - it only does what is requested, nothing more nothing less.


btw. this is the FSX forum.

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Some additional thoughts:


- The CPU is only really used when the sim is running. Panning around in Pause mode does not even tickle it.

- Make sure, that the numbers that you see are correct. Open Window's own resource monitor to crosscheck if your CPU really is idling.

- Open NVI and monitor GPU usage. Clouds can be AA heavy.

- Check HDD usage in the resource monitor

- Check how many CPU cores are in use


Try to narrow down where your system is held up, there can be so many bottlenecks.

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