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MegaScenery Earth Missing Detail

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I downloaded V3 of MegaScenery Earth South Eastern New South Wales (Australia) and inflight it's great. I flew an Ultralight from my nearest airport (YCOM) to my hometown and landed on my street. With the assistance of Top-Down view I was able to park in my driveway. Great detail in this view. The problem is that in normal view from the cockpit or spot view there is practically no detail. No buildings or other other terrain. At airports there is no traffic, taxiway signage or buildings. I looked through the option and set everthing to the max without any success. Any suggestions on how to bring ground detail to life?


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Photoscenery doesn't have any autogen, so what you see is normal. The buildings and trees are placed in FSX according to terrain textures and/or landclass. Photo scenery doesn't have those textures so no autogen... As for the airports, I think that you should see buildings etc because airports are usually excluded from photoscenery coverage, or at least its runways, taxiways etc... Someone corrects me if Im wrong.

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