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Query About FSX AFCAD's Packages ?


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Hi there,

I have been looking for Flight Sim X AFCAD Bulk Packages. I Found a large one for American Airports, and Airfields by the fantastic Ray Smith, and have most of those in Flight Sim X. But I am looking for other large ones, but havn't found any of a similar size. I would like, to find others with Hundreds of AFCAD's. And a good mix, from around the world. Could people on this Forum, tell me where I can find some ?

I have many freeware and Payware Airports in Flight Sim X, but am quite happy with basic AFCAD's i.e. that have many more parking gates, but not particularly fussed on them being amazingly detailed. As I have quite alot of AI Traffic Files installed.

I have the Payware Super Traffic Board Program, and it has flagged a number of the AI Traffic files that I have, that having missing airports, some more than others. I think it is because, they are airports that have only opened, in the last few years. So big recent airport FSX AFCAD Packages, would be better than older ones.

Any info and help, would be much appreciated.


Eddie Winch

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Depending on the age of your AI traffic files it may be that some of the airports exist but were renamed.  AIrNav has a listing of some of the changes.

If you don't mind your FSX navigation data being updated, then Aero Sors Navaids will update the airport names.  Just read their disclaimers, because it will affect the FSX route planner, etc. 

On the upside the program backs up your current data, so you can also restore if you don't like the changes.  You'll also need to rerun Makerwys if you do the update.

Ernest Pergrem

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