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error cockpit fs2004

Ben Bosma

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i have an error in fs2004, booting goes normally when i have the cockpit then it goes to freeze frame, when i take it out with a mouse click i get black image where the cockpit was, I have also looked at the cockpit cfg and it looks normal this happens with every cockpit I use in fs2004,I've been looking at what's wrong with this for days, but I can't find the error, do you have any idea what the error is? Edited by Ben Bosma
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Does your problem concern default aircraft or addon ones ?


Did you install your FS2004 strictly according to it's standard install procedure ? If so, I would want to advise you to do a complete un-install followed by a so called "custom install", preferrably into a separate HD partition outside the one which contains your Windows system.




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Maybe an error in your: name/appdata/roaming/microsoft/FS9/FS9.CFG. Make a safe copy first and then delete or rename it. Restart FS9 it should rebuild a new one, you may lose some personal key bindings.... Edited by piet06273

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