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Just putting this out there. My LCD monitor recently started ghosting; that is, the screen pic appeared smeared off to the side of the main display. In games, this became an annoyance. I feared it was the dreaded "burn in" common to LCD monitors and TV's, or worse, that my graphics card was about to fry.


I google searched and tried a solution. My main monitor cable was slightly twisted around another cable, so I disconnected it and re-routed it away from the other cables, and lo and behold, the problem went away. Apparently, the slight electrical discharge or something was interfering with the monitor cable and causing the ghosting effect.


After breathing a sigh of relief, I decided to post here in case any of my fellow simmers have this same issue.

CLX - SET Gaming Desktop - Intel Core i9 10850K - 32GB DDR4 3000GHz Memory - GeForce RTX 3060 Ti - 960GB SSD + 4TB HDD - Windows 11 Home
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Get a better shielded cable...sounds like your cable may be marginal and it may save you future problems, sometimes just moving or jiggling a bad cable will fix a problem like yours, but it's temporary...sure EMI can cause problems but if it was working fine and then suddenly with no changes started causing problems I'd suspect a cable problem.


I've yet to see permanent burn in with an LCD set. Old CRT's yes. Plasma yes. LCD no.

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