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Southwest Airlines Flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Tampa

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Hi Everybody,


Had some nasty weather all along the way from Ft. Lauderdale to Tampa. I'm surprised we didn't suffer any damage when the aircraft almost flipped over.


Rain and wipers are performing well and I didn't have any issues with my hardware/software interface scripts (FDStoXP) from Pikitanga. Have to reposition the wipers a bit better for my next run, I think they were a bit low.


The zibo mod runs clean with zero errors in the log.txt file! This was my main focus in getting these edits working in XP12, followed by a simple install.


Only real remaining issue with the 3D-Rain edits are removing the dry areas on the windscreen where the flight deck posts were once placed, then replace those areas with rain effect. If we can get rain throughout the entire screen it would be perfect considering we are using on-screen wipers!


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